Kirkpatrick Memorial Presbyterian Church

Community Bible Experiment

 The Community Bible Experiment

Throughout the autumn we studied the opening chapters of Genesis, the very beginning of the great story of God’s dealing with his people. In the very earliest chapters of the Bible we discovered that our purpose in this world is to be (1) with God and (2) like God. We were made by God to be with God. Human life itself is an invitation to be with God and to become like him.

God’s Word and the history of the church are in agreement about how we spend time with God and become more like him. It’s by spending time in his Word, the Bible, and letting his Spirit bring it alive to us in a new way. People who are hungry for more of God’s presence and power always find themselves drawn to God’s Word. Moses puts it well in Deuteronomy 32:47 when he talks to God’s people about God’s Word: They are not just idle words for you…they are your life.

In 2017 we’re inviting you to join us on a journey into this life with God…The Community Bible Experiment.


Bible – We’re going to have a go at reading right through the whole bible throughout 2017. The readings will come from Old Testament, New Testament and Psalms/Proverbs. They will take, on average, 10–15 mins per day. There are copies of the reading plan in the vestibule. We’ll also send out a soft copy for you to save to your phone – that way you’ll always have it with you and be able to read wherever you are. If you’re having trouble getting one, just email us in the church office and we’ll send it out.


Community – We’re going to do this together. While you’ll be reading the Bible daily on your own we’re going to meet up every 3 weeks or so to talk about what we’ve been reading and to give a heads up about what is to come. Our first gathering will be on Sunday 15 January at 9.30am in the Whitley Hall. As well as meeting up, we’ll look for ways of connecting with each other and encouraging each other in between gatherings. Be sure to sign up and get on the CBE mailing list (add your name to sign up in the vestibule or email the church office). 


Experiment – We’re going to have a go! Signing up to the CBE doesn’t mean signing your life away. It’s simply a way of saying “I’d like to spend more time with God. I’m willing to give it a go. If I fall off the bike I won’t despair…I’ll just jump right back on again.”


What To Do Now

1.    Consider joining CBE and sign up in the vestibule if you’d like to be part of the movement

2.    Get your hands on a reading plan and start reading

3.    Plan to come along to our first CBE gathering on 15 January, 9.30am, Whitley Hall